I mainly aim to create in series. Wherefore the format is often directly set by the material I stumble upon - be it wooden boards from the bulky waste, plastic flowers from the flea market, etc..

I enjoy the dirty work for example using construction adhesive. To then end up painting the artworks in bright and tacky pastel wall colours. I do so to break with the material’s coarse character - I doll it up.

I feel comfortable in comparing the outcome to the Home-Improvement-Catalogue aesthetic.

Following this motive, some of the „(B)Engel“ paintings are on tacky wood chip wallpaper. In this series I focus on criticizing existing body image ideals and role models, while also glorify them in an imaginative way.

5th Year Art Student
Interdisciplinary Painting Class
Sery C.

University of Fine Arts Dresden

Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden
Brühlsche Terasse 1
01067 Dresden


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